Why you might not be seeing any progress towards your health and fitness goals

Why you might not be seeing any progress towards your health and fitness goals

We’ve all been there, working tirelessly in the gym or on the track, being mindful of your diet and feeling your whole life is surrounded by what you eat and when, only to look in the mirror and see no signs of progress, whether that’s weight loss, muscle gain or more definition. It can be deflating when your efforts appear not to be working, so here are a few questions to ask yourself when the scales won’t budge.

Are you keeping consistent?

Monday to Friday you could be hitting all of your daily targets, putting in good time at the gym and keeping your calories in check – well done you! However, at the weekends, the restriction you’ve had for the previous 5 days becomes apparent and you end up losing control and undoing all of your good work.

A common mindset is to completely give up after one bad meal and making it ‘one bad weekend’, but this is where you can make changes. You will not be able to be consistent with your diet and training if you don’t allow yourself treats now and then. Needed that Friday night take-away? That’s fine! Enjoy your evening then get back on track on Saturday morning.

Are you getting the right nutrients?

For both muscle gain and weight loss, your protein intake is a major player for reaching those goals. Protein is the building blocks for your muscle, so it vital for growth and recovery. For fat loss, protein is also satiating and can help you feel full for longer. To help you reach efficient protein levels, <a WOW HYDRATE’s Protein and Vitamin Water contains an incredible 20g of collagen protein, at only 97 calories making it the perfect post-workout drink.

Are you stressed?

Stress has a huge impact on our body mechanics. Cortisol, the stress hormone, when released in high amounts in the bloodstream for a long period of time, can result in all sorts of negative side effects. One of these is holding onto your body’s fat cells which might be why you aren’t seeing any progress despite sticking to your exercise and diet plan religiously. Try to create for yourself a less stressful environment: prioritise your sleep, surround yourself with positive people and eliminate any potential sources of stress in your life.

Are you ready to finally see some results? Grab a bottle of WOW HYDRATE and start making that progress you deserve.

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