Maximising your workout time: Top tips from WOW HYDRATE

Maximising your workout time: Top tips from WOW HYDRATE

When it comes to exercise and training, time spent and results don't always match up. You can spend a lot of time in the gym or on the track, but if your time isn't used effectively your fitness may suffer. Here's a few tips for maximising your workout time...


1. Pick your goal and focus on the important work


If your goal is to improve your bench press, spending 30 minutes every session warming up on an exercise bike is a waste of your time and energy. Keeping your big goal at the front and centre of your mind is important because it focusses the rest of your workout.


2. Keep distractions out


If you have a limited amount of time to train, you should maintain your focus throughout. There are a number of ways you can avoid distraction - timed workouts, where you have to achieve a certain amount of sets of reps in a session (means you can't afford to waste time between sets), wearing headphones (so you don't have people bother you) or train in a quiet gym. All of these things help to stop you from becoming distracted.


3. Plan in advance


If you know you want to do a particular session, plan in advance so you have everything you need. That might be your headphones, your heart rate monitor, your specialist training kit (weightlifting shoes for example) and your drink. Interrupting your workout because you've forgotten something important can ruin your flow.


4. Pick a quiet time to train


If you can, pick the quietest times to train because you will maximise available work time and reduce the chance of having to delay your session. If you train in a gym at peak times, you may have to wait around for kit. If it means getting up earlier, training later or even changing gyms, it might be a wise move to make.


5. Stay hydrated


Research shows us that 1% dehydration can lead to a 10% drop in performance. By neglecting your hydration you're guaranteeing that your training will suffer somewhat. Keeping WOW HYDRATE Electrolyte Water with you, the isotonic supplement complete with its balance of electrolytes will prevent dehydration and will kick-start your recovery immediately; while making sure you do not suffer from electrolyte imbalance.

Consuming WOW HYDRATE Protein after your workout means you get 20 grams of collagen protein, essential bcaas (amino acids), vitamins as well as hydration after your workout. Both sports drinks will not only improve your workout, you'll be recovered and ready to train again quicker.


Follow these tips and you'll maximise your training time, giving you greater gains in less time.



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