How To Get The Most Out Of Your Morning Run

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Morning Run

Whether you are a regular runner or just starting out on your jogging journey, you have already made a great decision if you are starting your day with a run.

If done correctly, exercise in the morning before you ever start work can energise you for the day and get you in the right mindset to take on whatever challenges you may face throughout it. And if you want to make the most of your early rise and runs, you have come to the right place. From electrolyte replenishment to setting the right distance, here are some tips from WOW HYDRATE on how to hit those morning miles.

Start to hydrate the night before your run

We all know about the importance of staying hydrated before exercise, but when it comes to running early in the morning, you want to make the most of the time you have before setting out the front door. Going to bed with a bottle of water is a good idea since that time before bed will be one of your last chances to hydrate ahead of your morning run.

Eat breakfast once you get back

Running too soon after eating can cause discomfort, so we recommend saving breakfast until after your morning exercise. If you have time, something light like a banana or cereal bar contains protein and sugars that will benefit you during and after the workout, but steer away from substantial food until afterwards.

Choose your milage carefully

As when running at any time of the day, it is really important to set your distance carefully. Especially in the morning, when runners might have time constraints before beginning work or the school run, it is key to get this distance right. As a rule, if you are in doubt about the amount of time you have to complete a run, set your distance shorter. The last thing you want is to be rushing through your run, risking causing yourself an injury in order to get back in time for whatever commitments you have.

Rehydrate with ELECTROLYTE

Once your morning workout is done, your recovery begins, and this is where WOW HYDRATE and WOW HYDRATE ELECTROLYTE come in. Used by some world-class athletes like Kevin De Bruyne and Tyson Fury, specialist flavour, vitamins and electrolytes are stored in the cap of these drinks and released into the water so the ingredients are always at their most powerful. #PushIt.

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