Top tips to make the most out of your workout!

Top tips to make the most out of your workout!

Whether you are just getting into fitness or are looking to improve your current plan, there are many things you can implement to get the most out of your workout. Whether you end up flagging, bored, finding excuses not to go, or are left feeling ill midway through your workout, there are ways to fix these problems. Here are our top tips to make the most out of your workout to be a happier and healthier you in no time.

Stay hydrated

One of the most important rules of exercise is to stay hydrated. It can often be all too easy to forget to drink both during and particularly after a workout, but this is the most important time to keep your body's fluids topped up. Our electrolyte & vitamin waters is the ideal thing to boost your body with the electrolytes you may have lost when working out along with a vitamin boost from our push cap. If you aren't properly hydrated your body can suffer and won't perform at its best. Our protein water is perfect to rehydrate, and get protein in after your workout to help your muscles recover and grow.


Find the workout that's best for you

When you think of working out, you probably think of going for a run or lifting weights in the gym. If these have you reaching for an excuse, it's time to find a workout that you enjoy. There are a multitude of classes you can try, from spinning or body pump, to circuits or swimming. Exercise is personal to everyone so find something you enjoy and you will end up sticking to it for much longer.

Listen to music

Exercise can get dull if you have no rhythm to keep you focused. Switch on your favourite tunes and you'll find yourself working out to the beat and feeling motivated. Music pumps out the same feel-good endorphins as exercise does so your body will automatically feel good and more focused. It's a simple yet easy tip to get the most out of your workout.

Go with a friend

If the only person you're letting down when you cancel is yourself, you can all to easily swap the treadmill for the sofa. If you get yourself a workout buddy, you will keep each other motivated and ensure neither of you skips a session due to just not being bothered. It can also make it much more fun and a great chance to keep in touch with a loved one.

These are just a few simple tips to make the most out of your workout - let us know what else you would suggest!

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