#PushIt to be the Best: Jamie Redknapp

#PushIt to be the Best: Jamie Redknapp

 Welcoming sports pundit, presenter and ex-footballer Jamie Redknapp to the WOW HYDRATE team with our new campaign #PushIt to be the best! Jamie talks about how he has pushed and continues to push himself to be his best, with advice for other people to do the same.

 “Since playing football I still like to look after myself, I still like to feel healthy, I like to work out. Don’t get me wrong, I have my cheat days as much as anybody I love it….But I think you’ve got to have a time and a place, where you get your health and nutrition right, and I think that’s why if you’re having a workout, you want to feel like you’re putting the right things into your body afterwards’

 ‘When I first had it I was like wow this is not only really good for you and it’s got all the right vitamins and electrolytes as well that you need so, I’m enjoying having it in my life.’

Watch the full video to find out how Jamie pushes it to be the best!

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