Tips to stay hydrated in the summer

Tips to stay hydrated in the summer

Summer is here.

While that means more fun in the sun thanks to barbecues and picnics, it also means more chance of becoming dehydrated. Hot weather and excess sun exposure can have a negative effect on our body’s ability to retain water. Around 60% of the human body is made up of water, and the more we sweat, the more of the precious liquid we lose, which makes it harder for our vital organs to function. Here are four ways to ensure you stay hydrated during summer.

Drink plenty

On an average day, it is recommended that we drink around eight glasses (two litres) of water. However, during summer, it is sensible to slightly increase your water intake to help keep the body cool. If you find the taste of plain water boring, add a slice of fresh lemon and some mint leaves to make it tastier. However, be careful, as the sugar and acid from citrus fruits can damage your teeth over time.

Up your electrolyte intake

While you should drink more water to stay hydrated during warm weather, water alone may not sufficiently hydrate you, particularly if you are exercising a lot. Sweat contains vital electrolytes which help to balance the water in our bodies and adjust our pH levels. When you are mildly dehydrated, you may not feel any different but your body’s performance can be reduced by up to 20%. Therefore, when we sweat a lot, it is important to replace these electrolytes so our body can continue to function at its optimum level. WOW HYDRATE Electrolyte and Vitamin Water contains three essential electrolytes - magnesium chloride, calcium lactate and sodium chloride - making it the perfect partner to any summer workout.

Consume enough vitamins

WOW HYDRATE’s Electrolyte and Protein Waters contains 20g of collagen protein which boosts energy, increases muscle mass and aids post-exercise recovery. It also contains vitamins B6, C and D to support overall health.

Avoid sugar

Excess sugar in the bloodstream can cause dehydration, so it’s best to avoid too much of it, especially during summer. Sugary drinks may give you a quick burst of energy, but they can also cause you to crash later on. WOW HYDRATE’S drinks are all sugar-free and are packed with goodness to ensure you feel your very best. Plus, they taste great thanks to the natural flavours of Summer Fruits, Tropical, Lemon & Lime and Orange.

Staying hydrated is vital to health, particularly for athletes. Following these tips will ensure that your body holds enough water to support whatever you want to achieve that day.

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