Everything you need to know about hydration and electrolytes

Everything you need to know about hydration and electrolytes

It can be difficult to know what to read and who to believe when it comes to fitness advice. Keep things simple and stick to information that is backed up by science.

There is something of a misconception swirling about in the world of fitness which suggests that workouts are all about staying hydrated and topping up on fluids, while post-workout is about refuelling on food.

While that is not strictly wrong, it isn’t beneficial to approach your workout and post-workout routine in such a non-negotiable manner. While pumping sweat in the middle of an intense session at the gym, it is crucial to increase your intake of fluids. The more you sweat and the more your body expels fluids from its pores, the more you should replenish those reserves.

Fluid intake is constantly important:

However, there can be a tendency to lose sight of the importance of continued fluid intake in the aftermath of your session. As you walk from the treadmill or weights room to the locker room, your breathing starts to regulate and this can give a false, almost subliminal impression that your body is returning to optimal hydration levels.

The reality is that, between returning to your locker, showering and then drying off, you will need fluids more than at any point of the workout. It is likely that your appetite will now be piqued but, for the time being, it is best to eat something simple yet effective, such as a banana, and continue to focus on rehydration as your method of post-workout refuelling.

Electrolytes are the game changer:

WOW HYDRATE Electrolyte, with its combination of electrolytes, vitamins and natural flavours, make it an absolute winner when choosing what to refuel with. The crucial inclusion of electrolytes means that it is significantly more effective at rehydrating than water.

WOW HYDRATE not only refuels the body, it does so without carbohydrates and sugar. Carbs and sugar get too much of a bad rap - there is a time and place for them, but immediately after a hard, sweat-sapping workout is not that time.

While WOW HYDRATE delivers its best results in an after-workout setting, it is beneficial to drink it at any time. As it contributes to refuelling and rehydration, it therefore also contributes to physical wellness and mental clarity.

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