#PushIt to be the Best: Eddie Hearn

#PushIt to be the Best: Eddie Hearn

Welcoming Sports Promoter Eddie Hearn, to the WOW HYDRATE family, it isn’t just for athletes, making sure you push it in every area of your life is important to be at your best.

“I’ve always been having to push myself and prove myself…To be honest, I think the only way to success is hard work and dedication and focus. You have to be willing to make sacrifices.”

“Teaming up with WOW has been great. It helps me replenish, get the electrolytes in, get the collagen in as well and I’m enjoying it, I think it’s a great product”

“It was a natural progression to become part of the team… I think that any athlete needs to replenish with essential vitamins, electrolytes and obviously collagen to help muscles repair as well…it’ important for them to take care of themselves. Very very important that every time they go to the gym, or every time they take part in activity that they’re 100% focused, 100% prepared for a tough session.”

Watch how Eddie works to #PushIt to be the best!

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