Post-Lockdown Training: How to get back on track

Post-Lockdown Training: How to get back on track

A lot of people have let their usual exercise routine slip a little throughout lockdown. A combination of closed gyms, movement restrictions and changing working patterns made training difficult for many. When the restrictions are lifted, it'll be time to get fit again!

Here are a few things to consider when getting back into shape after lockdown...

Don't just hydrate with water!

Any regular exerciser knows the importance of hydration, but if you rely solely on water to replace lost fluids, you're missing a key part of the equation - replacing electrolytes. Water alone doesn't replace the minerals we lose while exercising, so although you may be replacing liquid, you're not replacing an essential element of performance nutrition.

When we sweat, we don't just lose water, we also lose minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. These are all incredibly important for normal muscle and organ function. During particularly intense periods of exercise, we need our muscles and organs to be working as effectively as possible, so if you are working hard during a training session but are not replacing lost electrolytes, you're putting yourself at a HUGE disadvantage.

Start gently and build up gradually

If you've trained less over lockdown, you may have found your fitness has slipped, making workouts that were previously easy much more difficult! This is to be expected, so don't rush back and expect to do what you used to. It'll take a bit of time and effort to get back to your previous fitness levels. Be patient.

Summer training needs more electrolyte replacement

As we begin to exercise post lockdown, it's important to take the warm weather into account. In the heat, you sweat more as your body works harder to keep your temperature down. The more you sweat, the more electrolytes you lose, so effective replacement is essential. Temperature is often blamed for poor athletic performance in the sunshine, but the reality is that temperature is only a small part of the problem - not rehydrating effectively and not replacing lost electrolytes is the bigger issue.

Don't drink your calories

Using an electrolyte drink means you'll replace lost electrolytes without adding huge amounts of calories, as other sports drinks can. WOW HYDRATE is incredibly low in sugar, low in calories and packed with vitamins and minerals, so as well as boosting your performance, you won't have to worry about our drinks destroying your diet!

Adding protein into your hydration strategy

As your exercise and activity levels increase, you'll need to ensure an adequate supply of protein to help rebuild and repair your tissues. A lot of people don't really like protein shakes or bars, but that's OK - we also offer protein water. It comes in two different flavours and is enhanced with vitamins, minerals and BCAAs. You can find out more here:

WOW HYDRATE can support your return to fitness more effectively than other sports drinks. Find out more here

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