Wise Words from Eddie Hearn

Wise Words from Eddie Hearn

We can all take some inspiration from Eddie Hearn, well-known boxing promoter and business man. He joined WOW HYDRATE after we became the hydration partner for Matchroom Boxing and he saw the benefits our drinks could bring to his busy schedule.

We asked Eddie how he pushes himself to be the best he can be..

'I've always been having to push myself and, sort of prove myself. A lot of hard work on the way, a lot of sacrifice, a lot of learning. But a lot of fun.'

So how does Eddie believe the best way to be successful?

'I think the only way to success is hard work and dedication and focus. You have to be willing to make sacrifices. You can't just wake up in the morning and not really fancy it and just leave it. You've gotta push yourself continuously. You've gotta, in tough times, get up an hour earlier, go to bed an hour later.'

You may wonder what WOW HYDRATE does for him?

'For me, it was a natural progression to become part of the team and we're looking forward to a long and successful future. I think that any athlete needs to replenish, um, essential vitamins, electrolytes, obviously collagen to help muscles repair as well.'

What is Eddie's advice to athletes?

'A lot of these guys have their experts. I'm not one, but what I do know this is what the experts use and the athletes are using the products as well. And obviously, they're being advised to do so. So, it's important for them to take care of themselves. Very, very important that every time they go to the gym or every time they take part in activity, that they're 100% focused, 100% prepared for a tough session'

Eddie's final words...

'You see with all great athletes, all great business men, it's all about drive, determination, passion for what you do as well. You have to wake up in the morning and love what you do. And for me, if I'm working, if I'm selling something, if I don't believe in the product, then you're not gonna sell me it in the same way. So, that energy, that drive, for what you do. If you love what you do. It makes you get out of bed in the morning and, and push yourself as hard as you can.'

Eddie's favourite flavours are either ELECTROLYTE Orange  or PROTEIN Summer Fruits!

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