Can Hydration Help You Lose Weight?

Can Hydration Help You Lose Weight?

We all know the main essentials to losing weight. Eat more vegetables, less sugar and fat, and exercise. However, did you know that staying hydrated can help you lose weight? That's right, drinking more water or hydrating drinks can literally help you shed the pounds. There are a few reasons why, and we'll explore them in this article!

Drinking water helps burn calories

If we drink water, we can burn more calories while exercising, and also while going about our daily activities. There have been multiple studies to prove this, such as this one ( which suggests that we burn up to 30% more calories 10 minutes after drinking water. Therefore, it's an excellent idea to drink some water before and during exercise, and throughout the day!

Drinking water suppresses your appetite

A lot of times, when you feel hungry, you're actually just thirsty. If you drink water, the thirst generally goes away. Water takes up stomach space that food will otherwise occupy - and it's zero calories! It's recommended to drink a large glass of water before a meal to avoid overeating. If you don't like water, you could try a rehydration drink. They are very low in calories and fill your stomach up the same way, as well as providing you with extra electrolytes and vitamins to promote good hydration.

Staying hydrated is crucial for more exercise!

If you're dehydrated, you might feel sluggish and not keen on exercise. This is especially true if you tend to exercise in the evening. However, if you ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the day, you'll have more energy and be eager to reach for those weights or go on a run! If you find it challenging to keep drinking water, try our electrolyte sachets which have extra hydrating properties.

Drinking water can make you recover faster

Once you've finished your exercise, you'll want to be fighting fit and ready to get back to it as soon as possible. How do you ensure that your recovery time isn't too long? By staying hydrated, of course! By making sure that you keep hydrated, you'll recover much quicker and be able to work out more.

If you don't fancy plain water, we sell delicious sugar-free electrolyte and vitamin water. These are very low calorie - only 12 per bottle - so you have the same low-calorie benefits but with extra flavour and more electrolytes and essential vitamins as well.

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