How to Tackle Gym Anxiety - Harry Jameson’s Top Tips

How to Tackle Gym Anxiety - Harry Jameson’s Top Tips

Whether you’re someone who wants to gain more confidence in the gym or someone who feels a bit nervous about getting back in and not being able to do what you could before. Performance Coach and Celebrity Trainer, Harry Jameson, is here to help with his four top tips:


1. Come with a plan. This serves many purposes but mostly it makes you efficient with your time, makes sure what you’re doing is well structured and avoids any standing around wondering what to do next, or even worse, running out of ideas and leaving early. You can sign up to the WOW Club if you want workout structures and ideas for the gym.


2. Set new goals. Do not expect to pick up the same weights or jump straight back on at the same speed on the treadmill if you have had a long lay off. Starting at a lower level (I would start around 25% less on everything) and then building back up over time means you can get that feeling back of “hitting your goals” which is incredibly motivating in itself.


3. Get a good gym buddy. If you’re feeling a little nervous, chances are so is someone you know. Support, encourage and motivate each other!


4. Just GO FOT IT! It sounds so simple but just get your headphones on and get in there and smash out your workout to the best of your ability. After the first session you’ll feel so good you did it that you’ll wonder what you were even worried about in the first place. Momentum builds momentum and it’s a great feeling once you get that momentum back.


To help you #PushIt through your first workouts back make sure to have your electrolyte and protein water to hand!

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