Fitness Trends Of 2021

Fitness Trends Of 2021

2020 was a year to remember for many reasons. With no commuting, travelling, or working from the office, our lifestyles suddenly became sedentary. Across the country, we had to approach fitness very differently. Studios closed down temporarily, home workout equipment sold out quickly, and personal trainers had to swap the gym floor for Zoom sessions in order to put their clients through their paces.

Over the course of the last year, spare bedrooms have been converted into home gyms, and individuals have found a new love for the outdoors. Whether you’ve been planning and completing your own workouts from home or following a fitness programme provided by a personal trainer in your local park, there’s no doubt you’ve had to get used to a ‘new normal’ way of exercising.

With the easing of lockdown and the gyms opening back up, just what trends can you expect to see for the rest of the year? 

Virtual fitness

Virtual fitness classes surged in popularity in 2020, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you’re on the hunt for kettlebell workouts for beginners or want to take part in an advanced HIIT class, you’ll be sure to find a session perfect for you online.

If you don’t want to head back to the gym just yet, but you’re yet to find virtual fitness classes that you love, online subscription packages such as WOW CLUB will provide you with everything you need to achieve your goals. Not only will you receive meal plans from expert nutritionists after signing up, but you will also gain access to over 600 workouts with specialist trainers, as well as a free gym kit worth over £200, ensuring you can look the part while getting stuck into some of the best home workout programmes for you.

Fitness Trends of 2021 - Electrolyte Water - WOW HYDRATE
Fitness Trends of 2021 - Protein Drink - WOW HYDRATE

Simple training

Another projected fitness trend for 2021 is bodyweight workouts. Because gyms – and therefore all equipment – have been out of action, many people have enjoyed simplifying their workouts. From push ups and pull ups through to squats and crunches, individuals have realised they don’t need all the machinery found inside gyms in order to see results. They’ve simply been grabbing their pre-workout drink, finding a spot for their mat, and accomplishing a sweaty and effective workout in a space that suits them.

Remote coaching

Have you been considering hiring a personal trainer? If so, why not find someone to train you from the comfort of your own home or garden? Due to the lockdowns throughout the course of the last year, many trainers were forced to coach their clients online – and it’s likely this will continue to be the case post-pandemic. With remote coaching, it’ll be like having a personal trainer in your back pocket: they will provide you with great support, hold you accountable, create personalised fitness programmes and help to keep you motivated when you feel like you’re struggling.

Fitness Trends of 2021 - Protein Water - WOW HYDRATE
Fitness Trends of 2021 - Electrolyte Water - WOW HYDRATE

Outdoor fitness

It’s not only at-home workouts that have seen a growth in popularity – walking and hiking have become a favoured way to exercise, too. Without any weekend plans, a lot of us found a new love for the great outdoors. Whether it was a socially distanced stroll in the park with a friend, or a hike through the countryside with a loved one, this form of low-impact fitness has been a great way to get fresh air, as well as get our steps in. As summer approaches, there’s no doubt that we’ll all be wanting to spend even more time outside.

Before, during, and after any form of exercise, it’s essential that you remain hydrated. Whether you’re planning on completing sprints in the park, or are getting ready for a heavy weights session, keeping WOW HYDRATE Electrolyte infused water with you will help to kick-start your recovery and prevent dehydration. Similarly, a protein supplement will also be extremely beneficial. Consuming WOW HYDRATE Protein after your workout will ensure that you’re receiving 20grams of collagen protein, essential BCAAs and vitamins, aiding recovery and allowing you to be ready to train again quicker.

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