Our unique push-cap technology releases fresh ingredients into the water, keeping them at their most powerful as they will not have the time to degrade in the water which can occur in premixed drinks, specifically with vitamins.

How it works:
1. Press the red button to release the fresh ingredients.

2. Shake the ingredients to mix the ingredients.

3. Drink and enjoy the taste of WOW HYDRATE.

The Science behind our Push Cap:

  • Vitamins stored in the cap exposed to moisture increases the rate they are degraded by chemical reactions, along with exposure to temperature and light, being stored in our cap means our vitamins strength is contained and only then the process begins once the cap is pressed giving a 24 hour time frame to consume the drink and benefit fully from ingredients.
  • The electrolytes in our HYDRATE drink are stored in the cap, released with the vitamins. When electrolytes are in our bodies they dissolve into positive and negative charges that help the flow of water in and out of cells regulate, creating nerve impulses. When dissolved in water it forms a electrolytic solution to then create the purpose of replenishing minerals lost in sweat. With our push cap, it means this reaction does not occur until the cap is pushed and created when it is needed during or after exercise; making our drink more beneficial.
  • We want our drinks to be full of flavour while still being healthy, our push cap means we can deliver a fresh powerful flavour along with our fresh ingredients to make our drinks taste as good as they are for you.