What are electrolytes and why do we need them

In the world of health and fitness, you may hear people talk about electrolytes a lot. Of course, if you have never come across them before, you may feel a little confused as to what they are! The key thing to know is that these clever electrolytes are super important for your body and allow it to hydrate efficiently.

Maintaining the correct electrolyte levels inside your body is, therefore, key to staying in the best shape.

What exactly are electrolytes?
In simple terms, they are minerals or chemical elements found in our bodies. Common ones include sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. There also include a range of salts from phosphates to bicarbonate. They can be lost when you workout or even go about your normal life through sweat – this explains why you need to take more on to replace the ones you lose.

Why do we need them?
Electrolytes are important for our health and performance due to the ions they deliver to your body. These ions give the energy needed to perform basic physical functions. While this is great for daily life, it becomes even better for those who love to workout.

Making sure you have the optimum levels of electrolytes in your body will help to reduce cramp and also keep you performing at your peak. The increased energy and focus that proper electrolyte levels give means you can work out better for longer. This can also help after you have finished exercising too. Replacing any electrolytes lost through sweat will reduce any feelings of fatigue or dizziness when recovering.

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To keep levels of these key substances in your body topped up, it is advised to take on the right drink during and after working out. Of course, if you simply want to look after your body in daily life too then healthy drinks containing electrolytes are a great choice.

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