The benefits of collagen protein

When it comes to staying healthy, many people are rightfully taking an interest in what they consume. What we put into our bodies has a direct impact on the condition they stay in. One beneficial protein that you may have seen in drinks recently is collagen. This is an important protein within the human body and can account for up to one third of all the protein we have.

But what is so good about collagen protein?

Superb for joint health
Collagen protein is great for keeping your joints supple and strong. Common conditions like arthritis can be helped as it reduces inflammation and joint pain. Many people are prone to a weakening of the joints through conditions like osteoporosis too, but collagen protein can help bones remain strong.

Glowing skin
Another benefit of this type of protein is for your skin. Collagen is an important ingredient in healthy skin but can naturally reduce over time. Taking products with collagen protein in will help to replace this lost collagen. The effects of this will be seen in firmer, younger looking skin.

Stronger hair and nails
It is not just your bones that the protein in collagen can help strengthen. Your nails and hair will also get a boost. The right collagen levels are an important part of having nails that do not break easily and also grow at a faster rate. When it comes to hair, the amino acids in the collagen protein helps it to grow thicker.

A healthy gut
There has been a lot of focus on robust gut health of late and with good reason. A healthy gut will help you to fight off illnesses and digest your food. The protein in collagen is superb for this and will help to protect the tissues of your digestive tract. Collagen has the amino acids of proline and glycine in, which reduce inflammation in the gut and keep it healthy.

Try out WOW HYDRATE’s Protein Water
If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to get more collagen protein into your diet, try our fabulous protein water. Containing a substantial 20 grams of collagen protein, it also has vitamins B6, C and D for extra zing. When you also consider it has essential BCAAs as well and all for under 100 calories, it is easy to see why this should be your new drink of choice.

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