Stay WOW Hydrated this winter

Most people remember the importance of staying hydrated during the summer. The hot weather and bright sunshine can cause havoc with your fluid levels so everyone remembers the importance of taking a refreshing drink with them when they workout or go for a run.

In the autumn and winter months, outdoor training means more layers of clothing, drier colder air and the potential of moving your workout indoors. This doesn’t mean you should completely forget the importance of staying hydrated. Arguably it’s even more important to prevent water loss at this time of year.

If you’re training indoors then you’re more likely to be doing short intensive sessions. It is always best to show up hydrated to maximise your performance and minimise your recovery time. The fluid loss during a short intense set can be huge and it’s no good just sneaking a little water whilst you’re on the treadmill. It’s a false economy and will make you feel uncomfortable.

Instead try an electrolyte infused water like WOW HYDRATE and begin feeling the benefits in the hours ahead of your workout. Give your body a chance to process and absorb the necessary electrolytes and achieve an optimal balance in advance of your session.

If you’ve prepared yourself then you shouldn’t need to drink much during the workout. Your body is going to struggle to process lots of fluid whilst you’re hard at work and will instead sit in your stomach making you feel uncomfortable. Tune into your body’s needs and drink only when you’re actually thirsty.

If you’re doing a long workout in the cold weather watch out for Cold Diuresis (needing to pee) WOW HYDRATE can help as it has additional levels of sodium. This will ensure your blood/sodium level is balanced and you’ll lose less fluid overall as you move around.

After a session, your priority should be to return your body fluid balance back to normal as quickly as possible. Don’t be tempted to over-drink, your body can only take a certain amount of liquid. As with your pre-workout routine be sure to pace your rehydration out. Be sure to use your urine colour and thirst levels as a guide for your own hydration needs this winter.

Don’t be tempted to drink X amount, instead work in harmony with your body and make sure you’re consuming exactly what your body needs. Stay safe and keep