How to make your New Year’s resolutions last past January!

Making your New Year’s health and fitness resolutions is easy. The hard part is sticking to them month after month, or even getting past January. Follow our tips to help you stay motivated, fuelled, hydrated and ready to take on another 12 months of health and fitness goals.

Be clear about your goals
You’ll find it much easier to stay on target if you have a specific goal to achieve. So instead of saying, ‘I want to get fit in 2019’, think about what this actually means. If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, an achievable goal could be to build up to running 5km. If you’re a more experienced runner, challenge yourself to a half or full marathon in 2019.

Break down your goals
Without a clear plan of where you’re going, it’s hard to stay on the right track. Pledging to increase your stamina is a pretty vague statement. Why not make a programme of alternating cardiovascular workouts with strength days, and listing the activities these involve? Having it pinned up somewhere visible will help you remember your initial motivation.

Share your goals
Joining a group workout class and sharing your fitness goals is a real boost to motivation. There’s a whole alphabet of classes out there, from aerobics to Zumba so there’s sure to be something for everyone! Joining up with a friend will also make it a social occasion… and introduce a bit of healthy competition to get you working towards your goals together.

Find new enthusiasm
You may have signed up for that gym membership full of zest for your new-found hobby, but chances are it’s now become a chore. Shake your routine up by trying something new or that you’ve never considered before… think about barre, kickboxing or hot yoga. Make 2019 your year to be bold.

Be proactive
It’s all very well as you face the hangover on 1st January saying that you are going to eat and drink more healthily in the new year. But think about how you are going to achieve this: try keeping a fruit bowl stocked up at home or work, swapping white bread for wholegrain, or making sure you cut out meat two days a week and instead enjoy fish. It’s all in the detail.

Nourish yourself
How are you going to stick to your resolutions without taking care of yourself? The pursuit of your goals should be a pleasure, not a pain, so make sure you are fuelled, hydrated and ready for action. Have a bottle of WOW HYDRATE’S electrolyte water to hand to quench your thirst and release electrolytes and vitamins when you need them. Or for a protein refuel on the go, try WOW HYDRATE’s protein water. Incorporating WOW HYDRATE’s water into your regime will ensure you stay in tip-top condition to  take on the toughest challenges. You can even subscribe and save 5% on our website to make sure you are prepared every month to reach your goals, making 2019 the best year yet!