Happy Valentine’s Day to you! 14 ways to love yourself and your body

Valentine’s Day is now upon us, and you could be forgiven for spending all of your time thinking about how you are going to make your loved one feel special. However, in this loved-up frenzy, it. can get all too easy to forget about the most important person in your life – yourself!

So, here are 14 surefire ways to take care of your own mental and physical wellbeing, just in time for February 14th.

1. Stay hydrated
Your body needs at least two litres (roughly 8 glasses) of water per day. If you add a bottle of Wow Hydrate into the mix, then all the better!

2. Mix up your workouts
Finding a new activity that you actually enjoy will help you remain focused on your fitness goals.

3. Get enough sleep
You will amazed at how much better you feel all day long if you get into a regular sleeping pattern.

4. Put down the phone
Social media is an awesome thing, but so is kicking back with a good book or simply switching off.

5. Make time to talk
It has been proven that simple, real-life interactions reduce isolation and promote positive mental health. We cannot stress enough how important this is.

6. Stretch first
You wouldn’t believe how many exercise-related injuries are related to not properly warming up first. Take things up a notch and include strenuous stretching as a workout in itself.

7. Treat yourself
The occasional bit of ‘naughty’ will actually help you remain on track in the long term.

8. Be the designated driver
In your social circle, make sure that you are fulfilling your fair share of designated driver duties, and remember that calories from alcohol are ’empty calories’, so they have no nutritional value.

9. Meditate
After just one session, you will not believe how the benefits of meditation lead to an all-body level of relaxation.