All I want for Christmas…is to stay fit and healthy!

The festive season is approaching, meaning your normal routine is suspended, not least when it comes to food, drink and the usual exercise regime. Boozy office gatherings, party food, bottomless chocolate boxes and of course the 24-hour indulgence of Christmas Day itself – the list of opportunities for overdoing it is endless. However, there is a lot you can do in the way of damage limitation. Here are WOW HYDRATE’s top tips for staying fit and healthy over the holiday:

1. Keep up the gym visits
Assuming you are not away, you should still have time to get to the gym over the break – and, if you’re off work, there may even be more time. With routine on hold, this could be the perfect chance to try a new exercise class, or make one you can’t usually attend. You’ll really feel the benefit come January.

2. Don’t be too hard on yourself
No one’s saying you can’t enjoy yourself or the festive season, and that slice of Christmas pud isn’t going to kill you. If you eat sensibly most of the time, you’re allowed a few treats.

3. Breakfast matters
A decent bowl of porridge, perhaps with some fruit, stabilises blood sugar levels and controls appetite later on, so you may feel less inclined to eat more if you’re out for the evening.

4. Snack sensibly and prepare in advance
A small yoghurt with a banana, or a banana and peanut butter on toast, just before you go out can make the canapés at the party seem less tempting. (Plus the potassium in the banana helps offset the salt of typical party fare like crisps and nuts.) Essentially, it’s all about prepping ahead so you know what you’re going to be eating to help curb unnecessary or unhealthy snacking or reaching for a takeaway menu.

5. Don’t skip meals to ‘save’ the calories for alcohol
Try and stick to one sort of alcoholic drink, have no more than one tipple an hour, and alternate with soft drinks.

6. Step away from the buffet
Most party buffets are very tempting, but also high in calories. Fill half your plate with veg and salad, and the rest with protein-based fare like chicken and salmon.

7. Rehydrate
Even mild dehydration can cause headaches. Our drink, HYDRATE, is packed with electrolytes which reduce the effect of a hangover. Ideally, you need to consume six to eight glasses of fluids a day.

Finally, the morning after a big night out, keep hydrating. And keep eating! Consider an omelette with vitamin-packed mushrooms, tomatoes or spinach, with a fruity smoothie or another glass of HYDRATE.