12 ways of working out this Christmas!

It’s nearly Christmas! So we thought to set you a challenge and complete our 12 ways of working out all the way up to Christmas. Resting every two days or whenever you can!

1. Jogging
Go on a jog, either outside and enjoy the fresh air and scenery; or if you can’t handle the cold do a 30 minute jog on the treadmill at the gym or at home.

2. Circuits
Try some circuit training today, this consists of doing a ‘round’ of exercises. Performing however many exercises in a row and resting they are all done. The standard number is around 5-6 exercises per round and repeat them 4-5 times. Have a look on Youtube for inspiration!

3. Cycling
Either grab a bike and cycle around your area or your nearest park. Or jump on the bike at home or at the gym for as long as you can!

4. Skipping
Did you know 10 minutes of skipping can have the same benefits of a 45 minute run?! So lets get jumping! Grab a skipping rope and try to last 10-20 minutes for the ultimate cardio workout.

5. Weight Lifting
Head over to your gym and do some weight lifting. Not enrolled in a gym? Use your dumbbells you have stuffed away (we know they are somewhere in your house). Need a routine? Check out our instagram for some tough weight lifting workout on @wowhydrate!

6. Walking
Walking is a great steady state cardio workout without putting strain on your body! Walk the dogs or take time out of your day to go on an hour walk.

7. Yoga
Hop onto YouTube and try a yoga workout from favourites such as Blogilates. Or book a yoga class at your gym to improve recovery, flexibility as well as relax your mind from the hectic Christmas planning!

8. Kickboxing
Book a kickboxing class and kick away all the stresses of Christmas! Great for toning, burn fat and improve posture and coordination.

9. Pilates
A more intense type of yoga, book a class or find a video to follow and help build your posture further, core strength and muscle balance. Perfect low-impact workout.

10. Dancing
We don’t mean the dancing you’ve been doing at all your Christmas parties! We mean a Zumba class or a dance workout you can find on Youtube! Try this one out >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EV9GYSWij84 and get your groove on!

11. Boxing
Grab a friend, partner, sibling and head to a hardcore boxing class at your local boxing gym or book at your gym! Boxing is a great to get any aggravation from last minute Christmas plans not going to plan!

12. Swimming
Take a dip and so a few laps in your local swimming pool to end our 12 ways of working out at Christmas challenge! Helping to build endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Let us know how you did and of course fuel yourself with our PROTEIN and HYDRATE waters, helping you recover and stay hydrated!