WOW HYDRATE Protein product trial with Southampton FC Women’s Team

WOW HYDRATE Protein product trial with Southampton FC Women’s Team

Over 6 weeks our nutritionist Dr Sarah Schenker worked with Southampton Women’s team trialling our protein water. The study looked at how Wow Hydrate Protein can aid the players' post-training recovery and building of muscle strength, helping them be as strong and healthy as athletically possible.

’We know players have incredibly busy schedules…coming to training without a mass amount of food during the day then expected to perform on the pitch…the strategy was can we get them to recover between sessions as much as possible…to focus on getting the most out of their sessions’ 

  • James Grant, Lead Sports Scientist

By giving them an even distribution of protein throughout the day over the 6 weeks to optimally utilise the protein to help build muscle strength, we successfully increased the players protein intake which saw positive outcomes in a reduction of body fat and an increase in muscle mass. So much so it is now implemented permanently in their training routine.

‘We are all more aware of ourselves and how to best refuel and recover to give us the best chance at the next training session, the next game…this wow study has been a part of this’ 

  • Marieanne Spacy-Cale MBE, Head of Girls’ and Women’s Football and Head Coach of Women’s First Team

Watch the full results of the study above and you can get 25% off with the code SOUTHAMPTON25 on our website:

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