WOW HYDRATE presents Joe Cordina

WOW HYDRATE presents Joe Cordina

Sport: Boxing
Title: Professional boxer 8-0 (6 KO’s) WBA International Champion & Commonwealth Champion 2016 Rio Olympian
Favourite Drink: WOW HYDRATE Protein Summer Fruits

Joe Cordina, also known as the Welsh Wizard, is a professional boxer winning a gold medal at the 2015 European Amateur Boxing Championships. Also representing Great Britain the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Joe is the WBA International lightweight champion from March 2018. He is consistently pushing himself to stay on top of his game and we are proud to be fuelling his journey!

“What you consume and the quality of ingredients is important. As an athlete I want everything I consume to benefit me and help me to utilise the skills I have to push myself further in the boxing world and achieve my goals. Anyone looking to do the same should always keep this on their priority list, whether looking at professional sport or general health and fitness. WOW HYDRATE waters are a way for me to hydrate with electrolytes or get my protein intake before, during or after exercise without worrying about other ingredients that may not be as good for me, such as sugar. They are bringing a new aspect to the sports market with their push cap, making it easier to get what I need when I need it, I am excited for the year ahead working with them.”


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