WOW HYDRATE introduces Tre Whyte

WOW HYDRATE introduces Tre Whyte

Sport: BMX
Favourite drink: WOW HYDRATE Exotic Fruits

British male BMX National Champion and member of the GB BMX Cycling team, Tre Whyte has joined the WOW HYDRATE team. He has shown how he pushed himself since joining the British Cycling’s BMX Academy Programme in 2011, achieving his gold medal in the Total UCI BMX World Championship in 2014 and a space on the GB BMX team in 2017. He is currently working hard and pushing it to get to the 2020 Olympics!

“Staying hydrated while training and on the bike is important so I can keep pushing myselfand get the results I want. WOW HYDRATE has given me the fuel I need to keep going while on the go between training in the gym and on the track. I am proud to be a part of the team!”


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