This is why you NEED Collagen Protein!

This is why you NEED Collagen Protein!

Collagen protein is an essential component for maintaining your body’s health and fitness. It’s also easily digested and absorbed into the body, especially if you take it as you rehydrate, such as with Wow Hydrate Protein Water.

The benefits of Collagen Protein:

Using a collagen protein supplement has been proven to help boost muscle growth, as it’s a key part of your muscle tissue, and can form up to 10 per cent of your overall muscle mass. Studies have also suggested that collagen-rich muscles will recover more quickly after a resistance workout, as it is collagen that keeps them flexible and strong.

If you’re a keen runner or an endurance athlete of any sort, then there is another aspect of the collagen in Wow Hydrate Protein Water that will appeal to you: collagen supplements are proven to reduce joint pain, inflammation and swelling. This is because a collagen supplement will improve the condition of your body’s cartilage, which is what protects your joints from damage.

Collagen can also help you to feel fuller faster, with none of the hungry-again-in-five-minutes feelings you get with those dreaded carbs. Plus, with Wow Hydrate Protein Water, the protein and flavour are released into the natural still water from the cap, meaning that you take in all the goodness and benefits of collagen with the maximum amount of efficiency.

Why choose WOW HYDRATE Protein Water?

The collagen that comes in Wow Hydrate Protein Water will also work to help improve your bone density, as well as the condition and quality of your hair and nails. It even helps promote a healthy heart, as it can work to prevent your arteries from hardening, thus reducing the chance of heart attacks or strokes.

WOW HYDRATE Protein Water, with 20g of collagen protein per bottle, is the easy way to refuel your body during and after exercise. It provides you with essential protein and vitamins without carbs or sugar and keeps you properly hydrated. Buy your collagen-rich protein water now via our online shop (

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