3 Vitamins To Help You Hit Your Personal Best

3 Vitamins To Help You Hit Your Personal Best

We all know the feeling of flagging at the gym. In fact, there’s nothing worse than cramming those macros in, gearing yourself up… then having a poor session. Training is really about mind over matter, but when our body isn’t pulling the weight to keep up with the mind, that’s when us endorphin chasers get frustrated. Here are three vitamins to help you hit that PB, just in case you need an extra push today. #PushIt real good!

Vitamin C for energy

Good old vitamin C has developed a great rep over the years - and rightly so! Easiest to consume via dark green veggies, rich cocoa chocolate and freshly squeezed orange juice, vitamin C will give you the right dosage of energy needed to push your extra reps out. Just don’t blend them all together, although a chocolate orange shake could work without the broccoli.

Vitamin D for rest

We all feel better after some vitamin D, especially with Rona ruining our plans at every opportunity. While we can’t get it sunning in Ibiza, we can devour it by having salmon and poached eggs before we train. Vitamin D has many talents, like making our skin look good and helping us to hit the hay at night. And how much better do you train after a full night’s sleep?!

Vitamin B6 for detoxing

You can pretend you don’t, but the majority of us humble humans can’t say 'no' to a pint. This is particularly annoying the day after when you’re up early to train but you also feel like you’ve been hit by a train. Vitamin B6 is good at detoxing your liver, and you can find it in a bowl of cereal and milk. An easy hangover cure, who knew?

WOW your workout with WOW HYDRATE collagen protein water

Looking for a quick and easy way to pack the best vitamins in? Eating your vitamins is all well and good, but there’s only so many meals in a day and unless you’re bulking… you could be in with an unwanted challenge! Try WOW HYDRATE instead, a fantastic tasting collagen protein water injected with vitamins C, D, B6, BCAAs, and 20g of collagen protein.

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